Locally and Nationally: Travel is expensive

Posted by Admin | November 26th, 2009

For those who decided not to fly anywhere this holiday season: Congratulations on your savings. Airline tickets have risen steeply in order to allow airlines to stay in business. One can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1500 to get where you’re going in the United States, a hefty sum, especially in an economy like this.

This particular article confirms locally what national newspapers have been reporting for the last couple of days–people will be attempting to avoid the expenses associated with airfare by taking cars, buses, or trains to wherever they are going.

But unless airline travelers purchased tickets well in advance this year, flights to most destinations around the country are steeper than most remember.

For example, walking into the Grand Junction Regional Airport and buying a ticket from Grand Junction to Denver can set you back $1,000, Airport Manager Rex Tippetts said.

“It’s getting to the point of ticket prices become alarming to us,” he said.